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Avis de décès

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4 février 2023 ‐ Notre-Dame-du-Nord
Dennis Presseault


La Coopérative funéraire du Témiscamingue vous informe du décès de M. Dennis Presseault de Notre-Dame-du-Nord. Il est décédé le 4 février 2023 à l’âge de 50 ans.

Monsieur Denis Presseault laisse dans la deuil son amie de cœur : Trina, son frère jumeau : Dean (Mary), son petit frère : Paul (Tammy), sa sœur : Angie (Terry) et Martin qui était comme un frère pour lui.

Il laisse également ses cousins qu’il considérait comme des frères : Bradley, Karen, Valerie, Conrad et Barbara, ainsi que plusieurs tantes, oncles, cousins, cousines, ses neveux et nièces qui l’aimaient beaucoup : Ryan (Aysha), Brandon (Emma), DJ, Braden (Cheyanne), Connor, Tori (Matt), Maddy et Cheyanne, ainsi que plusieurs autres parents et amis.

Il est parti rejoindre ses parents : Ann Polson et Rheal Presseault, ses neveux : Carson et Keedyn.

A man who lived hard, played hard, loved hard, fought hard, worked hard

Our brother and the “Fun Uncle” who would do anything for his nieces and nephews

He was our protector, our “Superman"

Dennis was a part of many peoples lives, he was in long-term relationships, stepped in as a father at times, he loved and was loved by many people throughout his life.

Reflecting back on his life, he appeared to have a lifetime of love, memories and loss.

He was passionate, loved music, writing, planning and dreaming.

Dennis was one of the hardest working men, he gave it his all. We thought you were invisible, stronger than a man of steel. He also had a soft, sensitive side that was only shared with people he trusted. He was thoughtful and kind, he would literally give the shirt off his back, to help a friend, family or even a stranger.

He leaves behind his girlfriend Trina, his twin brother Dean (Mary) , little brother Paul (Tammy) and only sister Angie (Terry) and Martin who was like a little brother

Additionally, our cousins who considered him as their little brother (Bradley, Karen, Valerie, Conrad, and Barbara)

Many Aunts, Uncles, cousins, friends and extended family

He was adored by his nieces and nephews

Ryan (Aysha), Brandon (Emma), DJ, Braden (Cheyanne), Connor, Tori (Matt) , Maddy and Cheyanne

Great nephews and niece

He is predeceased by his father Rheal Presseault, mother Ann Polson, nephew Carson and great nephew Keedyn

Dennis brought so much laughter and joy to our lives. He always had a crazy story or would do something to make us laugh.

We will hold those memories close to our hearts, until we meet again.

Miss you bro ❤️

You left us so suddenly and way too soon. We believe you are free, dancing, singing and laughing with Mommy and Dad, friends and family

Love you Dennis

Feeling lost without you

Our hearts are broken and we will not be the same without you

It was us against the world, we had each others back, not in front or behind, but side by side

So grateful we reconnected, even for a brief moment

Don’t know if we told you enough, but we are proud of you ❤️

Until we meet again

We believe Dad took you by the hand, 3 days after him to guide you on your journey home

If everything around you seems dark… look again

You may be the light - Rumi

You were a bright light- brother